Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Death at Dragonthroat

Death at Dragonthroat

Written by Teel James Glenn
Genre: Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery
Isbn#: 0977222403
Publisher: ePress-Online

The strangest day in T.K. Mitchell’s life began with the former marine on the run for his life in North Dakota and ended with him on the run for his life from an entire empire on the strange world of Altiva. Will the evil emperor who thinks T.K. is after his job kill him? Will the nightmare from his mysterious past do him in? Or the strange Shadowbeast that seems unstoppable and has an insatiable appetite for blood? Then again, will T.K. give into the seductive clutches of the six foot eight blue furred warrior woman? What a way to die…….

* * *
About Author Teel James Glenn

Teel James Glenn is a native of
Brooklyn though he has traveled the world for thirty years as a Stuntman/Coordinator/Swordmaster, Jouster, Book Illustrator, Storyteller, Bodyguard and Actor.

His books in the Altiva fantasy series are: Tales of a Warrior Priest, Death at Dragonthroat, The Daemonhold Curse, and Sister Warrior all from ePress-Online as are Knight Errant :Death and Life at the Faire , Them’s Fightin Words :A Writers Guide to Writing Fight Scenes and the forthcoming: The Vision Quest Factor and A Hex of Shadows.

The Exceptionals: #1 Measure of a Man and #2 Across the Wasteland are out from Whiskey Creek Press with #3 due next year.

He has stories published in AfterburnSF, Blazing Adventures, AnotherRealm, Event Horizon, Fantasy Tales, Mad, Black Belt, Alternative Cinema, Classic Pulp Fiction Stories, Weird Stories, Double Danger Tales, Startling Science Stories, Shots Writer’s Village and others.

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