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Erin Kilfoyle

About the Author

Erin Kilfoyle
Erin shares with readers her love of Christ and others as her characters face important
issues and challenges. She received her B.A. in English from Pensacola Christian
College in Pensacola, Florida in 1998. Since then, she has returned home to Winnipeg,


About the Series

True Patriot Love Series

Author, Erin Kilfoyle is passionate about writing stories that encourage young women
to maintain godly standards in a society where sexual purity is mocked as being
antiquated. There is a great need for fiction written by Christians that protects
young Christian women and solidifies their commitment to God, country, family, and
Such fiction exists in the True Patriot Love contemporary romance series. Starting
with British Columbia and ending with Newfoundland, the ten 2-in-1 volumes are sorted
geographically. The title of the series is taken from the Canadian national anthem.
Unlike most romance novels, men are featured as lead characters. Setting godly standards
in a dating relationship is equally important for men as it is for women.


Preview Erin Kilfoyle's Books

The True Patriot Love Series:
The Rothchilds of B.C.
When Time Stood Still []
Building Bridges []
The Winslows of Alberta
Love in any Language []
Guardian Angel []
The Bauers of Saskatchewan
The Carpenter's Tools []
Walking Through Flames []

Coming Soon ..
The Fairfaxes of Manitoba
Far From Home
Sick of Love

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Building Bridges
Guardian Angel!
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Building Bridges by Erin Kilfoyle

Building Bridges []
Gil Rothchild is a long way from his childhood home in Vancouver. He's in Cavendish
hiding a secret past. Nobody there knows that this successful civil engineer is
someone's prodigal son. After losing his wife to cancer, Gil must raise their six
year old daughter, Sabrina, on his own. Sabrina's teacher, Beth Cromwell, reaches
out with compassion to console them. He is drawn to her in spite of their ten-year
age difference. She returns his unspoken love, but urges him to rebuild the bridge
of his broken relationship with his family. Going back to face his past means walking
away from a future with Beth. When he gets to Vancouver, he is burdened for the
teenaged runaways on the verge of making the same mistakes he did. Can he help these
young prodigals rebuild their own bridges and find their way home?

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Guardian Angel by Erin Kilfoyle

Guardian Angel2 []Noah
Winslow struggles to overcome the prejudice against men in pediatric nursing. He
combines his riding skills and education to specialize in hippotherapy. This form
of therapy uses horses to help kids with special needs improve their motor skills.
He helps a four year old girl with cerebral palsy when she starts having a seizure.
Casey Gordon thinks he's a doctor so she instantly dubs him "Dr. Noah". She attempts
to play matchmaker for him and her godmother - "Annie Sophie". Sophie Fairfax is
a librarian in Edmonton. As the son of an English teacher and a librarian, Noah
has always loved books. Noah overhears Sophie describing her future husband. He
jokingly volunteers to be her man, not realizing who she really is. Casey dies
after having major brain surgery. Is Romans 8:28 true? Do all things work together
for good? Can God use any situation - even a child's funeral - to spark a romance?

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