Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Daemonhold Curse - Review

The Daemonhold Curse
by author Teel James Glenn

Fantasy/ Sword and Sorcery/ Mystery
Published by ePress-Online
Isbn#: 978-1-934258-07-1

TCM review by Eugen M. Bacon

“(Arinna) slapped him hard enough on his right cheek to stagger him. ‘Next time, Master Daemon, should you lay hands upon my person,’ her voice like a glacier, ‘I will close my fist before I reply to the insult.’”

Dame Arinna sparks bold, disarming in chamber as she is in combat. When night fills with sound, a curse settles upon the land. Come face to face with mortality, Lady Fidelity Daemon must employ the priestly expertise of warrior protectors. Fine pace, engaging dialogue and insightful writing, not to mention excerpts as if fresh from Fight School, all rally to affirm Teel James Glenn’s convincing and unsullied charm; his ability to write something sombre with levity without shrugging off its weight.

The Daemonhold Curse opens new insight to a medieval world fenced in tradition. The mantra and ceremony of the religion of Kova parallel in notice finely sequenced fight scenes across the novel. The inspired story does not fail to whet my appetite for more Teel James Glenn, including Gift of the Mage Eye: A Story of Altiva. The Daemonhold Curse is a refreshing read as seldom isn’t for a capable, convinced author who does not shudder to employ wit.

More About the Book

Five years ago the Kova Warrior Priest Lord Erique Shoutte: failed to save the elder Daemon sister, Lady Caution. The curse of a long ago accused sorceress states that each female member of the line will die, drained of blood, before the morning of their 21th birthday. No female Daemon has survived that morning in three hundred years.

Now the younger sister, Fidelity seeks Lord Shoutte out to protect her as her 21th birthday approaches.

“Why me?” Lord Shoutte asks. “I failed!”

“Because then you didn’t believe,” she replies. Now you do!”

Lord Shoutte and his long time friend the fierce swordswoman Dame Arinna Cabal undertake to save Fidelity, despite the attacks of religious radicals and thugs. But can they solve the mystery and save the new Lady Daemon or will they fall victim to The Daemonhold Curse themselves?

About the Author

Teel James Glenn is a native of Brooklyn though he has traveled the world for thirty years as a Stuntman/Coordinator/Swordmaster, Jouster, Book Illustrator, Storyteller, Bodyguard and Actor.

His books in the Altiva fantasy series are: Tales of a Warrior Priest, Death at Dragonthroat, The Daemonhold Curse, and Sister Warrior all from ePress-Online as are Knight Errant :Death and Life at the Faire , Them’s Fightin Words :A Writers Guide to Writing Fight Scenes and the forthcoming: The Vision Quest Factor and A Hex of Shadows.

The Exceptionals: #1 Measure of a Man and #2 Across the Wasteland are out from Whiskey Creek Press with #3 due next year.

He has stories published in AfterburnSF, Blazing Adventures, AnotherRealm, Event Horizon, Fantasy Tales, Mad, Black Belt, Alternative Cinema, Classic Pulp Fiction Stories, Weird Stories, Double Danger Tales, Startling Science Stories, Shots Writer’s Village and others.

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