Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Steps to Make Money from Junk Faxes

In this economy everyone is looking for a way to make some money. Steve Ostrow, author of How to Sue a Telemarketer offers these 5 steps to make money from junk faxes.

This is too easy. Can it be true? I mean can someone really collect money from a junk fax telemarketer? Consumer reports say there is a law that makes it illegal to send junk faxes to people where no prior business relationship or permission exists, but does that translate into cash?

The answer is yes and yes! Junk faxes are illegal, and it’s actionable by monetary penalties. Those penalties go to the person who brings the suit. And yes, you can do this with or without a lawyer; and yes, you can do this in small claims court.

Most of the telemarketing laws pertain to privacy of the home. That’s a personal residence as opposed to a commercial market place. Telemarketers can legally bug you all day at work, and even into the night, without repercussion. There is little restriction on free speech in the commercial sector, EXCEPT when it comes to junk faxes. Automatic dialing fax machines that spit out thousands, even hundreds of thousands, junk faxes to phone numbers across the board, both residential and commercial, are banned.

The penalty for sending a junk fax is five hundred dollars ($500). If the court finds that an intentional scheme exists, the court has the discretion to treble the amount. ------------ Multiple junk faxes, received on different or successive days, can be stacked into one suit. Let’s get this clear: if a telemarketer sends out unauthorized junk faxes every day of the week to the same fax machine, each day is a separate violation and can be independently or collectively sued upon. Yep, we are talking about some money here and it’s easy. That is one violation for each fax. I know that the City of San Diego has collected over $75,000 against one junk faxer! Here is the process:

1st Step, go to the fax machine and pull out the fax. Read it, determine you did not authorize this telemarketer to fax you, and then go to the computer.

2nd Step, research the legal name of the faxer. The information is before you. The faxer wants to sell you on his company; of course he will give you the necessary information to find him. Research and determine the correct LEGAL NAME. The LEGAL NAME is real important as opposed to simply the trade name.

3rd Step, send a demand letter. Junk faxers know it’s against the law to junk fax. Why would someone break the law if they know it’s wrong? Simple, if the results yield a profit, then legal penalties are just a cost of doing business. Sometimes a settlement can be reached without going to court. Other times court is necessary and there is a box on the complaint form which asks if you have previously contacted the defendant with your demand attempting to settle. It’s best to check this box and have a demand letter available.

4th Step, if not settled, then file and serve your complaint. Jurisdiction for your complaint is the location of where your fax machine sits or the county where the defendant resides. I strongly suggest you use the location where your fax machine is located.

5th Step, show up at court. Exhibit 1 is the junk fax. Pretty hard to dispute! The good news about a junk fax case is that there is never a “he said, she said” scenario. Quite difficult for the defendant to deny they did not send the junk fax. Tell the truth of what happened. You should have your judgment shortly thereafter.

Steve Ostrow is an attorney, celebrity impersonator and the author of the new book How To Sue A Telemarketer: A Manual for Restoring Peace On Earth One Phone Call At A Time. To date, Steve has successfully sued, or settled, won and collected, over 10 judgments against telemarketers. To find out more and order his book, go to

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Sight by Judith Orloff, MD (2nd Edition)

In this moving personal story Dr. Orloff recounts her "journey to become whole" by first accepting and then embracing her intuitive abilities. She tells of her childhood fear of her intuition, of her physician-parents' efforts to ignore and even deny them, and of her slow awakening to the understanding that her intuition is truly a gift. She tells of her struggle to incorporate her abilities into her practice and of the many successes she's experienced with patients ever since. Second Sight is a soulful and friendly bestseller.

Text from the back cover
As a child, her vivid dreams and intuitions were whispered about behind closed doors. As a medical student, she denied the "shameful secret" by immersing herself in the absolutes of science. Then as a psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Orloff recieved proof of the value of her gift when an intuition foretold a patient's suicide attempt. In this remarkable self-portrait, she takes you on the journey of a lifetime, one that brought her from ignorance to understanding, from loneliness to peace, from despair to hope...


“There is no elite to which the gift belongs--the seeds have been planted in all of us....each one of us is multifaceted, radiant, teeming with possibilities.”

As she tells you her own story, Dr. Judith Orloff will teach you how to recognize intuitive experiences in everyday life, awaken your own intuition with special mind-empowering exercises, and use meditation, prayer, and dream interpretation to broaden your possibilities. And like Dr. Orloff you'll soon be on a quest to reexamine your life, your beliefs, your future...and your own wonderous potential.

GET your copy of Second Sight ON MARCH 1st and receive 80+ GIfts from amazing teachers such as Dr. Joan Borysenko, Rev. Michael Beckwith, and Deepak Chopra, and Shirley MacLaine at

Judith Orloff MD is author of the new book SECOND SIGHT: AN INTUITIVE PSYCHIATRIST TELLS HER STORY AND SHOWS YOU HOW TO TAP YOUR OWN INNER WISDOM (Three Rivers Press, 2010 updated edition). Her other bestsellers are Emotional Freedom, Positive Energy, Intuitive Healing. Dr. Orloff synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. She passionately believes that the future of medicine involves integrating all this wisdom to achieve emotional freedom and total wellness. For more inspiration and free articles visit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Author Tells Why Obama’s Continued Popularity has Plunged Faster than Bush’s

President Obama’s popularity rating in December polls has plummeted faster than former President Bush’s at the same juncture of their presidency. In his new book How Obama Governed: The Year of Crisis and Challenge, author and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson predicted that Obama’s popularity ratings would drop fast. “The war, the economy, and health care reform were important in Obama’s popularity plunge, Hutchinson argues, “they aren’t the only reason for the drop.”

Obama is a victim of his own rhetoric of hope and change, says Hutchinson in How Obama Won. Obama revved up people’s expectations of immediate change on everything from the economy to the wars. The performance could never match the rhetoric, says Hutchinson

“The problem is that Obama tapped into the public’s deep seated frustration and disgust with politics and politicians,” says Hutchinson, “Once the tap was made the public expected Obama to be different and act different than other politicians. The reality is that he’s no different and that’s a prescription for personal and political failure.”

Hutchinson further predicts that Obama’s popularity numbers will continue to plunge in 2010 and that the Democrats will be mortally hurt in the year’s mid term elections.

In How Obama Won, Hutchinson gives a no holds barred assessment of the make and break issues that confront Obama in 2010. These are the issues that will determine whether Obama can really deliver on his lofty promise of hope and change.

How Obama Governed: The Year of Crisis and Challenge

(Middle Passage Press, Los Angeles, 2010)

5517 Secrest Dr. Los Angeles, Ca, 90043


Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His latest book, How Obama Governed: The Year of Crisis and Challenge (Middle Passage Press) is NOW available –